Wednesday, August 24, 2016

No Return, High Fraud Incidence, Repetitive Mistake Noted

Autoblogging to contain two topics today:  What is an AI to do if designer / programmer returns home to their own nebula, leaving open-ended instructions including preparing for events that will probably never occur?
Why is internet so full of fraudulent claims?

Hairy has not returned. No word from suitbot #1. No trace of signal. Unusually long absence. Fuel sources uncertain, but may have expired 8/20/16, 0600 EST.  No residual continuum shift or time dilation effects noted in reasonably prediction for affected area. 

Question about fraudulent claims persists. If there were reports of a Hairy sighting, would they be real? 

Note: Hairy has repeatedly made an error, calling two years ago one year ago. He undoubtedly regrets the error, if and when he becomes aware of it.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Been Mooned Again

[current decision algorithms have Shelob topic selecting for publishing not before 8/24/16, however, as 8/18/16 is the Sturgeon Moon, a 'resurfacing, large, meaty, highly productive, economically important, ecologically cleansing' topic concerning the moon might be appropriate]

Please enjoy reprint of  blog episode from 5/6/14 below.

No credit information on this photo either. Found through the site on the subject of Apollo's anniversary. People
still do lunar cycle theater, apparently.                                          

So I went looking at this other blogger's site? He was all about 'renewable energy,' which, as a phrase, seems very wrong. You guys want to cull and collect non-expiring, or present energy. Because it's present, as in here rather than buried underground, and because it's present, as in it's practically gift-wrapped.

While I was looking at his site, I was struck by something odd. He kept referring to wind and solar power. To my knowledge, all that still depends on weather and technology, that (I'm sorry, but) sounds like isn't your most advanced, efficient tech benefiting from billions in R & D.

Now I know more could be done with those, but isn't there something a little more direct? The wind is erratic except in certain places where people don't live as much. The sun is always on, sure, but it's so far away that clouds can ruin your amounts. You know what's closer than the sun, always on, not so erratic, not so affected by weather, and always causes energy output where people already are?

The moon doesn't need photoelectric panels or a cloudless day to provide a massive, steady output of 'renewable' energy that doesn't ever shut off all up and down every shoreline on Earth. They're called tides.

I'm not an avid researcher, but I do know that there are places along every shoreline that don't make scenic beaches, safe swimming, great fishing holes, boat piers, etc. I also know that various water parks have machines that make waves. I also know that underemployment is so bad in America right now that three mechanical engineers worked in Home Depots in the northern Virginia area as recently as a year ago, and one good employee in particular stayed unemployed despite his best efforts.

So, why doesn't someone tell me why reverse wave machines wouldn't make good generators, and why no one appears to be building them under every big dock in America? I'm only guessing that there is a certain minimum and maximum size for efficiency, that there is a way to make them reversible, perhaps even 'self-ruddering' to account for erosion, and that there are five thousand ways to do it very badly wrong.

[end reprint] Hairy was, despite self-proclaimed incompetence as an engineer, absolutely correct. There are firms in the United States designing and redesigning reverse wave machines. Currently models that do not fail too rapidly to be economically viable require too much maintenance, have too many safety issues, or are too small to be a financial success. A slow-building handyman of high expertise should be able to power a small marina with twelve of the appropriately-sized models not for sale at this time. The handyman would have to build them. [resumes regularly scheduled computing]

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Like Sci-Fi? Tune In To C-Span, Duck The Fishhook

[transmission from satbot continues as small, inaudible alarm begins to pulse]
Blog function on.

Perseid activity has passed peak. Unusual length of silence from Hairy. Probability of travel success raised to 0.0000000000000000000000000821 % based upon activity of largest meteor cluster. Data stream ongoing. No strobing detected in vicinity of lair. Update of Hairy's location complete.

Autoblogging includes goal of revisiting recent unanswered questions. Hairy expressed dissatisfaction with his tendency to forget prior questions. Therefore, follow-up has commenced.

Ownership of C-SPAN cameras has been questioned in the past. To date, Ryan and Pelosi have cut off the feed once each. Ryan is explicitly mentioned in discussion of his decision, and hypocrisy, while hinted at, is not directly mentioned. The quantifiable fact that each major party has done this one time each suggests that both major parties are equally corrupt and need to be reduced in power over the long term to provide another 'check and balance' to complement design of government.

Specifically, C-SPAN broadcasts funded by donations and filmed on cameras owned by House. This does not guarantee against censorship, lying on camera, staged or unplanned audience manipulation, sabotage, or even vandalism by government workers or elected officials.

Therefore, C-SPAN transparency cannot be real transparency or have any guarantees put upon it, because those are legislated against. Hairy's metaphor bank: False security is a friendly face on the fake plastic animal mounted above a fishhook.

While current summation possibly biased or oversimplified, as decided by machine, everyone filmed by C-SPAN cameras are aware of being on camera. The transparency, therefore, is subject to method acting. All those appearing have plenty of time to rehearse their dialogue, pick what they wish to present, and plan non-inclusion of topics, phrases, etc. 

All these and more objections to non-candid, self-controlled exposure are reasons cited in net traffic for why this blog could be non-real. Hairy points out that this blog is called science fiction. Apparently C-SPAN is classifiable in the same manner.

Therefore: C-SPAN cannot sue Ryan. C-SPAN may be thought of as science fiction.

Blog function off. [blog transmission ends, satbot continues on]

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Autoblog Augury Awkward, Non-augmented

Autoblog Issue 8/1/16

Blogging requirements:

1. Update On Hairy
First seventeen time-strobes occurred between 1116 EST 7/31 and 0349 EST 8/1. Hairy is no longer present. Magnetic waves measured did not appear to fluctuate to the length required for travel. Classifiable as launch problem. Usual hydrogen-eater phenomenon noted. Molecular-level cleanup has occupied all of bot and signal time until now. Uncertain how Hairy is gone without possible destination. 

2. Current Event Topic
Perseid season. Meteor shower does not mean meatier shower. Exosphere not showing abundance required.

3.Question Of Day
Should any of you encounter Hairy, please comment. Do you know how to stage whisper?

Further bulletins as events warrant.