Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump May Have Failed Completely Only Once So Far; Cast Should Double Down And Then Some

Hairy? You asked not to be disturbed, but this appears to merit your attention. [rapid neuralink burst of news coverage regarding Trump's reaction to 'Hamilton' cast message to Pence]

Okay, that was goofy.

Do you think Hamilton's cast should apologize since Trump is now in charge?

 Of course not. Trump's and Pence's status doesn't change anything.

Because this is still a democratic-style government.

 If anything, Trump and Pence have joined those celebrities in the LACK of right to appearing in public without criticism. Now our whole nation can insult them all day every day.

What do you think they should do?

 Openly invite the media to examine the threat level to Pence, or, in other words, the Secret Service's response to the actors. Trump hinted that the theater wasn't a 'safe place' for Pence at that time.

The Secret Service did nothing.

 Because they are grounded in reality. There was no threat. Everything was safe. The cast was giving Pence a beautiful opportunity to declare that everything would be fine, that they had nothing to fear.

You are indicating a failure of representation.

 This is a representational government. If Trump or Pence doesn't represent the country, then they aren't doing their job as elected leaders. Newt was funny when he compared Trump to Thatcher. Trump can't be booted by a vote of 'no confidence.' And Trump is NOWHERE near as tough mentally as Thatcher was. That cast has charisma. They need to point out that lack of a message and start popularizing it. There needs to be proliferation, more of the same.

And then?

 It needs to escalate, get covered, go viral.

Viral is destructive.

 Not when it's a message to our own leaders that they've failed to listen to, failed to do the right thing about, failed to do their JOB about, failed to give the correct indicators . . .  [pauses]

An indicators of what?

--That they are representing the country and not just failing to represent anyone but 'their own.' A majority of voters in this country can be wrong about anything, including failing to realize that bigotry is wrong. There are enough people upset about all this that there ARE enough people to out-talk Trump. In the end, they will only be doing what he has proven is acceptable. Bully the airwaves, the t.v. news, the net, the papers, with what they want talked about until he represents them or demonstrates he doesn't have the time to talk about it.

Because the government has to succeed in 'moving forward,' what does this accomplish?

 It will remind him not to pick these fights and act like a president. It IS what he agreed to DO.

You are certain that it makes sense?

 Yeah, humans have to retain some sense of preserving status quo to make progress in any direction with grace. It's just fear of the unknown. Any backward people fall prey to that. No biggie. What's funny is that Douglas Adams predicted this metaphorically.

You did not list Douglas Adams as a prognosticator.

 Mostly he's just funny. I should re-read his work. [shifts neuralink to scan mind of someone reading The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.]

Sufficient material for autoblog. [upload, disconnect]

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's Not So Fun To Say 'I Told You So,' It's Depressing, Not So Worrisome

[Shelob notes alert in subroutine, pings Hairy] You are awake then? Herr D obviously upset. Chat box open 8.3 standard periods.

Thanks for the alert, Shelob; I'll chat with him now. [activates net neuralink]

Yeah, Herr D. I'm here, awake.  Shelob said you've had this chat box open for a while. You're obviously not feeling well.

I'm a little shaken. I really was hoping you were wrong. Trump in office?

Don't worry. You still have lots to believe in. You still don't believe I'm psychic, or extraterrestrial, or a time traveler. You still believe in your religion. You still believe in everything except one thing that changed.

I'm sorry for doubting you. You were right again.

So, you miscalled it. Lots of people don't believe me. It doesn't REALLY matter? You didn't believe what I said before, when I told you Trump couldn't really lose. Even if he did lose the presidency, his net worth would've approximately doubled in six to eight years. I told you that more people needed to turn out to vote to make it go the way you wanted. I even told you personally that I was depressed about the future. I tried to emigrate really hard this year. I don't like sensing you like this. You're the nicest person I know here.

What was it, 18 or 19 months ago you started telling me all this? Now the stock market might crash into the bargain.

[equivalent of a smile] Longer, I think. Markets can and do recover. Trump has a chance to fulfill the 'accidental' good presidency that Shelob came up with.

How would that happen?

On reaching office, he WILL discover that things run a little differently than business. He'll probably never admit it and stick to his strengths. Several of his plans that are less practical he'll simply forget about and use his Teflon backside to deflect. Some of his colleagues will now realize how lucky they were to have Obama for a while and try to make the best of things by a few well-placed reversals.

You're talking about breaking campaign platforms. Lots of politicians do that. Of course, he's reversed himself on a lot of things while he ran.

Exactly. What most Americans don't seem to realize is that being a president doesn't take toughness or Ivy League-style smarts or even the understanding that Hillary would have brought. Any successful president picks up the phone and tells his generals or his ambassadors to go solve his problems with other countries. Any sensible person listens to the huge amount of advice at hand and guesses which advice to follow.

You've watched his show, right? He sometimes follows the right advice. That woman Amorosa was nuts.

Well, here's hopin' right? I need another nap, I'll talk atcha another time. Did I get the dialect right?

[end chat excerpt] And so it begins. Continua have now solidified. Calculations beginning again. Autoblog complete.