Saturday, December 10, 2016

Organization Is Not Necessarily Opposite Of Listlessness

"Brikker" by Herr D on

[snippet from Universal Biologic]
The only BLIND spacefaring race to have reached outside their solar system before first contact. The 'Brikker' make sounds through their 'nostrils' and by rubbing appendages together. They tunnel for food, normally, eating glacial mud. They hibernate in a folded position which allows surprising compactness of personal quarters. They make good money setting up colony buildings and mining equipment on pre-scouted planets and asteroids.

 I've been told that lots of people are going to be traveling soon--

Informed 37 minutes 7.199 seconds ago.

--So I thought I'd mention organizational skills in a blog episode. Very few of you have AI's that can--

No sentient AI's commercially sold to general public in this era.

--few of you have automated packing lists for trips. Even fewer of you have eidetic memori--

No such detected among audience.

--none of my followers have indicated eidetic memories at this time. So take the time to make a list or eleven lists. It will at least give you a moment's rest in all the hullabaloo that comes when prepping for a holiday. With All Saint's Day just around the cor--

All Saint's Day passed. Winter holiday collection imminent.

What?! [three-eye roll] Oh, yeah, sorry. With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, and Year-End celebrations just around the corner, take a tip from the Brikker species. NEVER go completely listless.

That word is incorrect.

Yeah, yeah. [end transmission]

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