Friday, December 16, 2016

This Obama Drama To Pump Trump, Pillory Hillary?

[laughter] That's a good one. Shelob?


This guy has Obama in a conspiracy to de-legitimize Trump because he's after the Russian hackers which 'attempted' to affect the election!

The question is why do these Russians care who our president is?

[laughter] Because they want him to be president! That's not really that hard. Even if people believe they're WRONG, it's not hard to see that the Russian hackers think it's better for THEM.
You do not believe that is Obama's intention.
Well, no. I mean, Obama really isn't that stupid. Trump voters have that rock king thing going on, remember?

You are speaking of the troll king in the movie "Frozen."

Whatever. The troll king thing. What did he say again?

That he could easily fix broken heads but not hearts.

Right. So Obama isn't going to de-legitimize Trump with Trump's supporters by any means. Obama's too smart to think something like that would work. Trump is already illegitimate with everyone else because of, well, Trump.

Is there another reason Obama might act in a manner that would de-legitimize those without a cult of personality?

What? If he WAS? Well, considering that people tried to de-legitimize Obama for his entire two terms of office, he might be trying to teach Trump how to get used to it or drum up sympathy for him. Obama might care more about the country than being popular forever. Carter did. Obama scrapped more successfully with Congress, but was at least half as idealistic as Carter. [pauses, remembering]

You expressed sympathy for Carter allowing Reagan to take credit for the resolution of the hostage crisis. 

Yeah. Even if you look at the timing of the plane travel, you could see it was designed to make Carter look like less and Reagan look like more. Fear wouldn't have resulted in that same time table.

You don't believe that Trump's election will be reversed?

[incredulous look at speaker] You know I know how it's going to turn out. No more predictions for the blog. People didn't listen for two YEARS. I'm not talkin' now. [disconnect] 

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