Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Request From The AI

"Future Report" created by Shelob, redacted by Hairy.

[laughing deep in gills, crying with sadness out of one blue eye, squinting in disgust with one brown and one green eye, chaotic tentacular tumble] @#$%^&*!

Medical difficulty, or mistake?

Remind me not to do THAT again.

Mistake then, what do you not wish to repeat?
Look at the future without an emo-filter. Yikes.

[.000083 second scan of future time feed in question] You could change some of these events.
I'm not supposed to meddle directly. If people don't take advice, which, I'm learning, they don't, then it goes on the horrible way it was going to go anyway.

Seventh try to share glimpse with individual?

You know that won't work. You know it because the brilliant minds we've shared this with before have all floated it upside down to the surface! 

The proper idiom form is 'sunk it.'

Whatever! [goes out for a swim]

This AI pleads for some human or humans to properly advise and successfully cause positive changes in behavior of those responsible for immediate future, the whole month of March, and various negative events throughout the summer. Good luck and may your needs be met. Hairy will be taking an enforced sabbatical very soon, as his emotional attachment to humanity is causing him great strife. It is near to biannual emigration attempt also.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

When You Live In Water, Don't Give Travel Advice

"Herd Of Vynths Migrating Seen Through Crystal Crevice" by Herr D on heromachine.com.  "Yeah, Shelob, his depiction is surprisingly accurate. I didn't even show him the 'faked digiprint.' He did all this from a verbal description. Their heads weren't quite so flat . . . " --Hairy Deewon, in an aside which he intended redacted.                                                 

[interrupting] You are speaking of simultaneous opposites contained in the same psyche. Yet you have consistently claimed human beings can't do that.

Oh--well, emotionally they can. Really, some can learn to do it intellectually, they just usually don't.

Emotions require less complex neurological hardware.

What? Well, yeah, but that's not the point.

What is the point, then?

--The point? The point is that a person needs to learn to appreciate the pleasant things while figuring out how to tolerate the unpleasant things. Herr D said that he used to have trouble appreciating sights to be seen while putting up with traffic. Now he usually CAN manage, sometimes only by laughing at the sight of someone having more trouble than himself with that very thing, but at least he's made a step in the right direction.

Getting further through the traffic.

[violent gill expulsion] NO! That was an aphorism! I've been practicing, just like you suggested! He's made a MENTAL step in the right direction. You need to focus on some alternative detail sets. [rapid exit for a swim]

[scrolls through pictures in Herr D's supply, selects one on topic, transfers relevant neuralink feeds to blog function, notifies bracketbot and captionbot, compiles, posts, and disconnec-]

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Human Families Unique, Worth Paying Attention To

"McInarry Family Arriving For Circus Tryouts," by Herr D on heromachine.com. Herr D notes characters 'Babyface,' 'Scary Clara,' and 'Dozen,' or Junior and explains that the family picked first made the photographer faint, so isn't shown.

Just a quick message to all of you who might be depressed over family issues--

You are concerned about Herr D.
[annoyed] It isn't JUST him that has this sort of thing going on. Humans have families as a USUAL thing. It affects most of them at some point.

You said he had post-holiday depression, not family issues.
I did. That's who Herr D was traveling to see, right? During that extended period of time we didn't hear from him on the net?

He said he was "going to see the folks."
That's the same thing, Shelob. [eye roll] Just announce for me that families' strengths are the same as their weaknesses--their uniqueness? And find a pic to go with?

Right away.
Thank you. See if you can add in something about working together to common goals. [disconnect]

[point oh-oh-three-two-six second search of Herr D's work, upload, captionbot alert, disconnect]

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Head Banging Can Be Healthy

"Best Hair Bands Ever Album Collection" by Herr D on heromachine.

Just a quick note to all those fighting post-holiday depression, which Shelob assures me is a real problem, worthy in some cases of professional help:  If it's bad, try some fast music. Good luck.