Sunday, January 15, 2017

Human Families Unique, Worth Paying Attention To

"McInarry Family Arriving For Circus Tryouts," by Herr D on Herr D notes characters 'Babyface,' 'Scary Clara,' and 'Dozen,' or Junior and explains that the family picked first made the photographer faint, so isn't shown.

Just a quick message to all of you who might be depressed over family issues--

You are concerned about Herr D.
[annoyed] It isn't JUST him that has this sort of thing going on. Humans have families as a USUAL thing. It affects most of them at some point.

You said he had post-holiday depression, not family issues.
I did. That's who Herr D was traveling to see, right? During that extended period of time we didn't hear from him on the net?

He said he was "going to see the folks."
That's the same thing, Shelob. [eye roll] Just announce for me that families' strengths are the same as their weaknesses--their uniqueness? And find a pic to go with?

Right away.
Thank you. See if you can add in something about working together to common goals. [disconnect]

[point oh-oh-three-two-six second search of Herr D's work, upload, captionbot alert, disconnect]

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