Saturday, January 21, 2017

When You Live In Water, Don't Give Travel Advice

"Herd Of Vynths Migrating Seen Through Crystal Crevice" by Herr D on  "Yeah, Shelob, his depiction is surprisingly accurate. I didn't even show him the 'faked digiprint.' He did all this from a verbal description. Their heads weren't quite so flat . . . " --Hairy Deewon, in an aside which he intended redacted.                                                 

[interrupting] You are speaking of simultaneous opposites contained in the same psyche. Yet you have consistently claimed human beings can't do that.

Oh--well, emotionally they can. Really, some can learn to do it intellectually, they just usually don't.

Emotions require less complex neurological hardware.

What? Well, yeah, but that's not the point.

What is the point, then?

--The point? The point is that a person needs to learn to appreciate the pleasant things while figuring out how to tolerate the unpleasant things. Herr D said that he used to have trouble appreciating sights to be seen while putting up with traffic. Now he usually CAN manage, sometimes only by laughing at the sight of someone having more trouble than himself with that very thing, but at least he's made a step in the right direction.

Getting further through the traffic.

[violent gill expulsion] NO! That was an aphorism! I've been practicing, just like you suggested! He's made a MENTAL step in the right direction. You need to focus on some alternative detail sets. [rapid exit for a swim]

[scrolls through pictures in Herr D's supply, selects one on topic, transfers relevant neuralink feeds to blog function, notifies bracketbot and captionbot, compiles, posts, and disconnec-]

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