Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump Wearing Stupid Short Pants, Holding Up Map He Can't Read

"The No Good Ending Maze" by Herr D, special request and concept of Hairy. Done on Windows Paint.

I'm prepping for emigation. Shelob informs me that there is still a lot of anxiety about what Trump's gonna do. Ease your minds. Here's why:

Your forefathers (good men--very adequate mental prowesses) made two plans to defend the country. One plan for enemies from outside. One plan for enemies from inside. They didn't have the expertise to design the anti-invasion plan themselves, so they farmed it out and approved it once it was done.

That plan against invasion was limited. The idea was no army could find the capital easily. About a quarter millennium later, tourists still get lost in D.C. every damn day!

The plan they could manage themselves, the statecraft against internal saboteurs was the Constitution itself. About a quarter millennium later, one poor President will fail to ruin the country!

So rest easy, breathe deeply, and try to imagine Trump wearing those stupid short pants that come up to the chest, big camera around his neck, and holding a map up that he can't read.

It'll all work out.

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