Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Truth Levels From Government To Young

So, Hairy is 'gone?'

Emigration attempt. Currently missing. You wished to give him material for the blog?

Yes. I was never a Trump fan, but I know I would have stopped being one when my 7-year-old had a certain talk with me. She tried to tell me that I should let her lie and practice it with her till she was good at it.

And this is unacceptable?

 Of course it is.

Why did she do this? 

Because she heard that President Trump was calling lots of other people liars and lots of other people were calling him a liar. It was all so logical in her little-girl mind.  The president was a person to be admired, so she should stop trying to be honest. That wasn't even the worst part.

. . . Continue.

He's caused me to lose a chance to show her I was proud of her.

You have expressed how important that is. Why were you proud?

Because in the middle of that conversation, she had a moment of insight. She said that the president was calling everyone else a liar because he was one himself. She all but restated Shakespeare's "methinks she dost protest too much," though a bit awkwardly. I was proud of her coming to that and couldn't let her see it because she was looking for grounds to lie to her parents.

Shakespeare is above her listed reading level. Had someone read her that?

No, I don't think she'd been read that, I'm not sure where she got it. Good though, right? For seven?

The child's instincts and cognition are sound. You have pointed out that anyone can have a good idea. General level of idea sounds adolescent? Uncertain of logical placement.

Thank you for the input.

Let me know when Hairy returns? Have him e-me?

Of course. [disconnect] 

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