Thursday, March 16, 2017

Diagnosis: Terrorist

Autoblog startup: Hairy has not begun to strobe in his return pattern in-lair, nor have the suitbots been activated. Anyone with information on Hairy's whereabouts please comment. He usually forgets to walk fully upright when wearing a crude suitbot substitute and shows the typical invertebrate flexibility. Also frequently fails at slang without AI prompting. Duty log suggests sampling notable text from guest blogger. [16 second scan of Herr D's recent typing]

Noted sample upload.

I'm just really grateful that no one's started referring to certain diseased minds as Christian terrorists. We 'have' those, too; they began to gain fame in the '70's and '80's bombing abortion clinics and drinking the Kool-Aid. (Which is where that euphemism comes from, btw.)

It's just foolish in my view to bother separating one crazy / radical / violent from another based on the religion that they fail to follow. It's a terrible shame that more isn't generally known about mental health. It REALLY would be cool if the only terms in the news were:  schizoaffective terrorist, bipolar terrorist, anger management failure terrorist, depressive-angsty-hopeless-issue-pusher terrorist, Munschausen-by-proxy terrorist, poor-brainwashed-lamb terrorist, intellectually challenged / swayed by charismatic propaganda terrorist, twelfth-monkey-type, extreme hater . . . 

Further bulletins as events warrant. [submit to titlebot, upload to blog function, disconnect]

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