Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When You're Afraid Of Something, Let It Go?

"Escapee From Lab J" by Herr D on heromachine.

[laughing, deep in gills] That's just so FUNNY!

What is funny? The content of the newsfeed seemed serious.
[startles] Oh. Hi, Shelob. I'm sorry--Trump cut off access to most journalists. Ha! 'The cottage went dark!' [more laughter]

[deep gill intake] Well, he probably got sick of journalists trying to get information, be it through leakers, or slips of the tongue, or simply asking certain questions in certain ways.

The intended question was 'why is that funny,' but if he hated the interplay between the journalists and a spokesperson or himself, he could have written a script and seemed wonderful.
[one eye bugs out, two roll, one narrows, and one blinks] Uh, no.

Why not?
For starters, HE can't stay on script, so he wouldn't know how to ASK such a thing. Then take into account he'd be making his own fake news--I imagine he would detect the hypocrisy in such a thing. He's not a complete idiot. He just seems to have forgotten how to market himself. I daresay his new convert numbers have topped out. Plateaued? What's that phrase?

Bottomed out.
Right. Humans DO seem to have everything upside-down.

Like he should have prepared how to answer, rather than preventing some of the questions?
Like he should remember that when you have an alien monster by the back horn, you don't just LET GO!

Making journalists take up their valuable time to go through security WAS an excellent way to waste their time, hobbling their efforts. If you refer to deliberately giving the journalists more time to research negative stories about him, the phrase is, 'having a tiger by the tail.'
Whatever! I'm gonna go swim. Water won't be this cool forever. I hope they get the coral to quit dying. [exits]

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