Friday, May 23, 2014

The Eyes Have It

Don't know who this David is, but he has some good pix.

If I understand multi-genome comparative structural biochem well enough, compound eyes are actually superior to human eyes in certain situations. Like at the size of a mosquito, in certain very dry environs, in places where there are rapid pressure changes, etc. So in deserts, on the surface of swamps, along mountain thermals, and in the ventilation units of submarines and spaceships, compound eyes are sometimes hardier.

Let's say that I . . . have knowledge of intelligent species with compound eyes. They tend to be non-technological. Given that species change very slowly, and that necessity is the mother of invention, I would have to say they have every reason to stay exactly where they are. For now.

So, if the ecosystem doesn't change, there are no predators or, let's say rivals, introduced, and no comic-book-level events or theological uprisings, they'll stay right where they are.


Yes. Suppose that uh--we earthlings got over infighting, became space explorers, and found these compound-eyed guys on friendly terms. What would be more likely, in your opinion, that y-- that we would offer them places to live for exploring places for us, or that the offer would be only material trade?

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