Friday, May 2, 2014

Good Times

Herr D made this on  I don't think
I understood his explanation at all, but it's a nice one.

I FINALLY figured out what was going on the other night with those drunk hu-uh . . . those drunk hombres. One of them had hidden a piece of jewelry in the odd eggs and the others had tossed the basket in the water near my home. Now that they helped him find it, he's not spending as much time with them. Cultural attachments to birds is something I don't know much about. They said he's apparently getting laid with the eggs. While metaphorically that sounds intimate, I'm pretty sure bestiality and pseudo-Freudian drama with other species is not what they meant. And they're drinking MORE.

Metaphor suggests alternate meani--[ERROR]

Wha--? Oh, Shelob! Silt in your conduits AGAIN?! Oh, those guys are stirring up the place again. Oh, well. Today's question is about those unexpected happy moments. The picture above represents a cute scene. I really liked seeing all that litter pulled up. How about you?

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