Monday, May 5, 2014

Great Legs, Too!

I cannot BELIEVE that nobody knew there were squid over 7
meters long until just a few years ago. I mean, really, that's not
as silly as not knowing there were primates bigger than man till
a few hundred years ago, but COME ON! No wonder NASA 
hasn't found any -- uh -- anything --  PLANET's not done yet.

Look at THIS one. Recently discovered, and expanding the weight class yet again, a beauteous femme over 7 meters long. Man, could THOSE arms give a hug! YOWZA! Nice shades of salmon to mauve too . . . 

I like big SUCKERS and I cannot lie,
And a MASSIVE milky eye!
When the other squid tell you why
Their tentacles flutter on by--
They all stop to think
And get left in the ink
As I make 'er say "Me oh--

Mute enthusiasm. Question?

--oh, all right.
I've done a bit of research on underwater tourism recently, and I guess it's fair that you all would be looking downwards to lower your crowding-- How many of you would live in underwater condos if the life was there for you? I found it FASCINATING to live briefly in a few places I couldn't have survived naturally, but didn't wish to settle there for long.

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