Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Peter, Pollen, Merry.

Herr D made this caricature, calling it a
"Whatsit" Bug, on heromachine.com. I
should be clear that its real name trans-
literates mostly to whistles. Good like-
ness, though! Its carapace is a bit thin.

It is the spring, and the young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of--ACK, I just swallowed a bug! 
. . . never wax poetical in a spring breeze wearing an EDGAR suit. Direct transfer for tasting in real time, now that's a feature I might do without on my next go-round. All sense of ecosystem seems to go out the window when talking about bugs. I've seen, relatively recently, a man with a go-green banner use it to swat a bug. The irony did not escape me.

Besides nature and company dynamics, is there another area where competition seems a bit over-the-top?

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