Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Herr D made this some time ago using hero- He said he's doing it over, but 
it looks just like so many of the people seeing
me for the first time that I wanted it 'as is.'          

I just realized that's a fist mirrored in the eyes. Oh, well, I didn't get that expression with a fist . . .



Avoid mention of anatomical differences. This site was recently scanned by federal authorities.

MiB's?! Okay, Shelob. I've just been thinking about screaming. --Wait, no. Ambiguity detector is pulsing. 

Oh. I've been thinking about why people scream. It seems a little counter-productive. What, do you think whatever's attacking you is made of glass and you can shatter it with the right high note? It seems like most screams wouldn't work so well. Ambulance sirens make similar noise, but screaming doesn't get traffic out of the way. Should maybe I assume it's for group survival? Hear the screams, know to hide the children? That does make more sense. Individual survival strikes me as needing other tactics like spraying ink or foul-smelling scent at the attacker. Maybe that's why people smell worse when they're nervous? Does that make sense?

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