Thursday, May 8, 2014

Heat It Up

Herr D said that this one was actually easy.
He made it on, and it IS
a very good likeness for the photo I told him
had been an oil painting!                             

This is a picture that -- uh, let's just say theoretically that you should see something like this skimming the corona of a yellow star with an atypical spectrum in a solar sailcraft traveling at about half the average planetary speed.

I want very much to hear from someone who has Seasonal Affect Disorder. I looked that up recently, and I was wondering whether taking Vitamin D really does help. I understand how UV lamps would work, but a pill or enriched milk wouldn't also irradiate and heat the skin and warm the blood to the surface. Overall, I gotta say that being irradiated while wearing less sounds more fun, especially if done in mixed company. Personally, I really don't mind the dark--doesn't depress me at all; I'd just miss color after a while.

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