Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Right For It

Herr D said this picture originated with a simple
puzzle. His wife, 'Sunni D,' had a Medusa costume
and wanted to know what he could be to go with her.
The answer was Keith Richards or a blind snake charmer.
He was kind enough to censor out Medusa's face so none
of us would turn to stone. (Why would they sell those masks?)

I've been fascinated with several bits of related history to the fossil fuel dilemma of today. The idea that fifty thousand dinosaurs and eighty billion tons of plants rotted just so for seventy million years so that an entire industry could spring up and thousands of engineers could out-engineer the inherent problems with the internal combustion engine using those fossil fuels fighting along to the point where globally corporations and nations are fighting to maintain or upset the applecart . . . yecch.
This is one of those historically ironic things. Such a unique pickle to be in to be so dependent on such a poisonous industry. How many of you think of that as ironic? Alternately, how many of you know of such uniquely developed profession as the one depicted above?

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