Friday, May 9, 2014

Picture Or Caption?

"The Two Explorers lived in the same world, but one searched below her depth while the other searched above her sky. They both found much of interest but never saw each other--and so missed finding their other selves, exactly what they would most have liked to find." --Herr D, all rights reserved, picture and words

'Miss Tiny,' as Herr D dubbed his second explorer, gave me some real laughs. Interesting that he invented makeup for her, and the anchor earring implies sort of an S & M sort of a thing, but anything that big would need a whole suit, not just a seawater-filled helmet. I mean, one bruise or scratch on a rock and her hide would explode! He's probably right about collecting vehicles, though. People collect shells . . .

So today's question is whether you like Herr D's picture or words better? I promised him I'd try to field some opinions on this. I like his words better, but I'm not all of you. So?

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