Thursday, May 29, 2014

Which Way Do We Go?

Herr D told me that this is NOT a self-
trait, but demonstrates ambivalence.
He made it on and
says it's a concept worth the copyright.

I've been very concerned about my neighbor. That guy that hid the ring in the plastic egg? He's not drinking alcohol anymore with those other guys, which is good--but I overheard them saying that "he's getting whipped."

She seems like a nice person and all, but violence, even behind closed doors, is not the best answer to anything. From the water near her property, I can sometimes hear screaming, but it sounds like she's doing all the screaming. So today's question is: When you're well-placed, but not well-informed, when do you say something? When do you call the police or social services or whatever? Obviously sometimes a situation might not be what it seems, but when IS it time to make it your business?

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