Friday, June 27, 2014

Cheap Privacy In A Box!

Herr D made this for me on --Hairy Deewon.
I've been looking at the notion that the NSA reads/listens in on every communication that contains certain words. I realize that maybe national security is a complicated thing, but I've taken a bit of parenting duty before--how hard is it to substitute words? I might consider myself advanced as a being, but it was REALLY EASY to say "mixing gear" for "Advanced Chemistry Set" and "non-food" for "chew toy." (Don't worry; I made sure they understood how to keep them separate.) I do understand, also, that people who love destruction and can't understand that America could be more easily manipulated than destroyed couldn't POSSIBLY be very smart--but do we actually think they wouldn't use code words? There are so many products on the web that are advertised as better than they are by clever word use--how could anyone not know that's done?

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