Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Issue?

Herr D, hm3, "The Oldest Comic Strip In The World."
Honestly, my favorite part is that if you blow it up and
look REALLY close, the depicted water jar has the hint
of another comic strip on it.--Hairy Deewon                       
I just found out that Sunday was Father's Day. From the picture above, I can conclude that my favorite digital artist's opinion of parenthood is that it's an ageless and endless source of sympathy humor.

Okay. So--imagine for a moment that I'm from a--different species. Our species doesn't parent, but is advanced in many ways beyond yours. What are the odds that a moderately suggestible hyperintelligent alien became enthused about parenting by watching humans instead of just being a species-specific example of social maladjustment?

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