Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bony Fingers, Former Slaves, Obamacare, And Other Disappointments

I gotta say. I'm disappointed.

I remembered something from a religious text, went and found it, and I'm afraid I remembered it correctly. I had dearly hoped that Watterson was wrong when he drew his tiger saying, "Live and DON'T learn, that's us." I'm afraid he was right too. COME ON, guys. You don't have forever. You've got to learn so you can survive. Otherwise all the people and things like me giving you advice will all be wasted. And, worse, your extinction event will become inevitable.

Comparison source double-checked. Relevant as statistically preferred. Historical precis interpreted correctly. Your neural link has apparent accuracy.

Thank you, Shelob. So. I was reading about all this dissatisfaction with Obamacare when I saw a disturbing parallel to Exodus. LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR HERE. I'm not comparing Obamacare or any part of the insurance industry to slavery and freedom. I AM COMPARING THE WAY PEOPLE ACT IN SITUATIONS FROM THE BIBLE TO NOW. I'm ALSO not comparing God or any other deity to Obama or any other president. Most of you are apparently too smart to worship your leaders anymore. I'm not even talking about what so many people dwell on so much. "The race issue?" Obama is just another president. He's every bit as inspiring and disappointing as all the others no matter how fast he runs!

Details like that are a lot less important than bones. That's right. I said BONES. One of the biggest problems I see here is that nobody has tentacles. Tentacles can point at oneself just as easy as at others. With those bones, most humans just keep pointing at each other. It might be as much laziness as anything else. Take for example Exodus Chapters 14-17 in the New American Bible copyright 1970. (I point out the edition so that no one will be startled by slight differences in wording. Most of my readership appear to be Catholic, Protestant, or live in countries where the Bible is taught as literature, and a young Bible salesman was kind enough to give me a copy for free.)

He was on his way home from church.

This is Sunday? . . . Oops . . . Well, I hope no one is offended that I'm not taking a full day of rest. Okay--Chapter 17, verse 3, in medias res, "--the people grumbled against Moses, saying, 'Why did you ever make us leave Egypt--' "

There are those rigid, bony fingers pointing. To sum up most of those four chapters, Moses helped by God had delivered them from Egypt, parted the Red Sea so they could walk across, drowned the chasing soldiers ready to kill them by restoring the Red Sea, purified some dirty water for them to drink by throwing some wood in it, and got free food FALLING FROM THE DESERT SKY. And every time, the people just grumbled some more with each new setback. Some of these former slaves actually seem to remember a time when they had 'fleshpots and bread.' So, apparently they stuffed themselves at the local equivalent of a strip joint every day?

O ye of selective memory and bony fingers?

Well, I've spoken firsthand to a lot of people in the medical profession. Herr D comes from a family with a lot of medical people in it, too. One common thread is there. In recent medical history, everyone was terribly dissatisfied with the insurance system in place.  THE MAJORITY DID NOT LIKE THE WAY IT WAS. So then the majority elects a scapegoat president to go change things for the better--

. . . and they're grumbling again. Hey--Obamacare ISN'T a miracle. It's what the majority asked for. Change is rough. When something is so badly done that leaders don't dare change it until they can get someone ELSE to do it, they get out blameless, right? And no one remembers how long the stagnation and cowardice lasted. They focus on pointing those bony fingers at their new aspiring leader instead of using them to help carry the manna to the sick or help DIG A NEW WELL. The Obamacare grumbling and squabbling and bony finger-pointing is happening now. The Israelites idealizing their former slavery and bony finger-pointing at Moses happened what, ten thousand years ago? Talk about your slow learning curve. Humanity is doomed.

Slavery not necessarily correct term. Israelites may have been low-paid second-class citizens without freedom to leave.

Like the old Soviet Union? Eek. What a huge mistake. [three of five eyes roll sarcastically, gill equivalent of sigh]

No graphic today? No non-rhetorical question?

NO. If people don't like it, let them put grumblings in the comments! At least then I'd know people look at more than one of my posts. I have the notion that humans learn better through repetition. Must be a vertebrate thing.

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