Friday, June 20, 2014

The Solution To All Societal Ills

Herr D made this on I
must say the neon sign looks like it was
difficult to make.--Hairy Deewon               
Most people who imagine dinosaurs taking over the Earth picture lots of gore. Realistically speaking, though, that would mean that in 70 million years they never developed another survival skill. Humans have intelligence, to a degree, which is really just a species survival skill. If humans were to live THAT long, they'd become more dangerous without their intelligence, and their intelligence might atrophy in favor of viciousness. Herr D assures me that there is evidence of this tendency in the shaping of corporate law.

What survival skill do you imagine developing and why? Poison quills? Exoskeletons? Facultative diapausal capacity?

Quills is archaism. Audience may not know what it means. "Quills are organic breakaway 'darts,' usually barbed and sometimes containing irritants or toxins, especially in marine species."

Oh, thanks, Shelob! Yeah. Where did you quote that from?

Unerased wikipedia article. No author or screen name listed.

Ah. Besides the question today, it's 'soapbox' time. Giving credit where credit is due is not being magnanimous or scholarly. It's basic ethics. Humanity has one chance, in my opinion, of staying worthwhile as a species. That chance is avoiding complete moral backsliding.

 Faddy issues make little difference in the long run. Law will never catch up to the pathetic perversions possible to the criminal mind. Churches will never convert everyone. Governments will always have ideological differences with each other and their dissatisfied minorities.

The key to true advancement of the human species is early moral training.

Herr D was kind enough to share a wonderful example: all it takes to kill a human being is a mosquito infected with malaria, doctors and nurses have to go to special schools and become good at their jobs to heal those people. So--destruction requires something as pathetic as a stupid bug. Keeping people alive requires hard work, brains, skills, and minor heroism.

"Bad guys, pathetic. Good guys, impressive." --Herr D

Tell that to every kid so they understand it by age 4? Maybe crime will go down. Good luck, parents.

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