Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Use This Product To Improve Your Looks"

Herr D, hm3--he assures me that this is ugly.-HD
I confessed in a chatroom that I disguise myself regularly. Apparently that was a big mistake. Seventeen people jumped in to reprimand me for not being myself or encourage me to 'be brave' about being myself. I signed out and had Shelob backtrace some of the screen names. Shelob? Were my suspicions correct?

Uncertain which findings qualify.

Uh . . . just list the ones having to do with physical appearance.

182 shoe purchases, 35 transactions with clothing merchants, 11 with cosmetics--

HEY! STOP! I only wanted the month of June.

June 1, 2014, 0001 until June 16, 2014, 1159.

For just those seventeen people?

9. 8 were not easily traced.

Okay . . . well, that IS a lot of shoes and clothes for nine people in half a month, unless I'm wrong about that. Was there plastic surgery? Diet pills?

Four instances of plastic surgery since 2010, January 1, 0001. Diet pill purchases harder to track. Self-help books hard to track also.

Yeah, that's not as hypocritical as I was guessing.--I've been working on the concept that people more often 'preach unto others as they should be preached to themselves' on the internet. Maybe I was wrong.
--Okay THAT's the question today, instead of what I was planning. AM I WRONG ABOUT THAT?

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