Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Can We NOT Take It Higher?

Herr D made this for me on heromachine.com.
He said this is one is free for all to use--just credit him.
I've been trying to understand the nuances of becoming an elected official. It seems very complicated. Get popular, promise people things, bad mouth any opponents and their plans in an unfair fashion, and get people to give you money so you can do all this on television. Apparently most of the time an elected official has to raise more money to get INTO office than he'll make FROM the office. That sounds a bit sketchy. On top of that, you have to claim to belong to one group of people while trying to make both largest opposing groups want you for the job.


Oh, yes, thanks, Shelob. Does it seem to any of you that Democrats and Republicans are alike in too many of the wrong ways and different in too many of the wrong ways? I know from -- from history that politcal parties used to be different than they are today. One of them was originally called the other, for example. Maybe it's time to prop up this balanciing act in a different way? This system WAS designed for peaceful change . . .

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