Sunday, July 6, 2014

Have A Bash

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With the 4rth of July having passed, I have to point out something interesting. I'm all for abbreviations and understood shortenings of language, but there is a misleading phrase in common use.

"Proud to be an American."

How many Americans earned their citizenship exactly? You can be proud of your ancestors becoming Americans, you can be proud you passed a citizenship test, and you can be proud of fellow Americans, and you can even be proud that you served American interests in the military or government.

So, you're grateful, or glad to be an American. "Pride goes before a fall,"  people. You don't want your nation to fall. You want naps, belches, and the rare blunder, which are 'falls' from great accomplishment.

Anyhow, I celebrated my independence from all ancestral obligations--

Independence Day is about formation of America, revolution from former 'parent' nation, not ancestors.

Oh, I knew that! And I celebrated the 4rth in style. Some few of you may have noticed my absence.

You blogged on 7/4/14. You took off 7/5/14.

. . . okay, I didn't know that. Thanx, Shelob. All right, I dove a little deeper with my equipment, checking out some neat coral textures and getting some great anemone tickles. I DID see fireworks, though. At least some others got the day wrong, too.


Right. Sometimes I'm really glad AND proud I programmed you. Reminders are very useful things, if occasionally irritating. What ELSE would you all be glad to be independent of most? I'm free enough for now, even being unable to move to different epochs.

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