Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two-Toned Too Trite For Truisms

Herr D said this is a recreation of an old clipping
he saw recently. He's looking for a source, but he
can't seem to find it. Pretty funny--Hairy Deewon.
I looked at some semi-modern neuroscience source material and found myself feeling sympathetic. NO WONDER YOU WE HUMANS HAVE DUALITY AND BINARY OVERSIMPLIFICATION PROBLEMS. There's only two hemispheres in a human brain. Specialized lobes are there, sure; but it looks like all of humanity has reason to be of two minds about everything. Holistic versus sequential? GET OUT OF TOWN! How does the average squidling child manage to understand an ordinary Wenn diagram before the age of two?

Most do not.

Really?  . . . gosh. How old IS the average human beginning to understand a Wenn diagram, Shelob?

Evidence culled in last seven seconds from developmental-oriented websites suggests, but does not explicitly state, that some children begin understanding Wenn - style logic at age three or four. Frequently taught after reading skills (5-6.)

But Shelob, that's too late for [best translation: critical windows] to happen.

Yes. Reason why cognitive dissonance therapy has inherent ethical difficulties at root of forestalled development. Also why aphorism "the world isn't just black and white" makes sense in common usage. 

Oh, yeah, I was wondering about that. Well. We can't restructure the human brain. That's unethical. But we can help with aphorisms. OKAY! Today's question is not how you deal with unfairly polarized issues--it is:

What's your favorite aphorism? I don't have a favorite. I have a least favorite: No chupa, no schtupa. (Yiddish)

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