Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crass Crank, Crumpled Credibility

[indeterminate banging]

Efficiency rating for current actions remarkably low.

What?! [three eyes divert to speaker] What are you saying, Shelob?

Uncertain of current purpose. Reconfiguring.

[large volume of bubbles burst out of gills on all sides] Stop. No need, Shelob. That was--an emotional outburst. The goal was beyond your programming. [shelves a bent wrench equivalent]

Subject of outburst?

I was very upset about something I saw at the polls yesterday, and I told Herr D about--

What did you see?

[more bubbles, agitation and twirling of two red tentacles] At the poll at [location redacted] I saw this guy. He was walking up to those tables where they give out sample ballots for each big party. One sheet of paper from each table to each voter who wants one.

The volunteers at the tables automatically smiled and offered him one of each. The competing sides showed no animosity and weren't aggressive at all--they weren't even rude to each other. THEY, at least, were well behaved. But that guy! He accepted them, strode over to a public trashcan, loudly announced that he "wouldn't be a part of business as usual or corrupt, big party politics" that he only voted for Libertarian or Green Party candidates. And then he crumpled up and threw away the sample ballots.

Then I told Herr D about that this morning, and he said he'd "seen that same approximate thing happen two or three times" [?!] I guess I just got madder than I thought.

Why is this 'thing' angering?

[rapid blinking of four eyes, bugging out of fifth, three tentacles do a 'facepalm']

Please explain.

[choking noise, scraping of suckers on nearby equipment] He threw away the sample ballots.

Not recycling. Emotional index says this is not worthy of outburst.

[frustrated gesturing of seven tentacles]  He votes for the Green Party?

And the Libertarians.


Inconsistent behavior with declaration.

It's called hypocrisy. The guy sounded stupid, crazy, or high. No WONDER so many issues aren't dealt with properly! People like that guy manage to make everyone in the political minorities sound bad. It's AWFUL. The more intelligent, therefore the ones everyone should listen to the most, are usually in a very small minority in any sentient species. That's just the law of averages--kiddie math.

Minorities of every kind need to be taken seriously because occasionally they make more valuable contributions to society than the majority in one way or another. Minorities DON'T need to look bad. Too many average hum- people know others by 'the company they keep.'

This is logical blog entry.

[sudden and absolute stillness for three seconds, rapid blinking] . . . fine. Were you recording this?


Let me know if it needs editing. [seizes container of plankton, swallows in one long chug, exits to 'bunk'] Thanks, Shelob.

[sixteen seconds pass] Unable to determine clarity level. If unclear, please comment. [disconnect]

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