Wednesday, November 26, 2014

HOLLERDAY SALE; Premature Mindsets--Free! All Must Go

[snaps awake] Hey, Shelob! What are all these feeds of people hurrying? The timestamps don't line up with rush hour? Has there been a nucleonic storm?

These are footage of people leaving for holiday and going to shop at sales.

It's a shopping holiday?

Debatable. [seven-second neuralink burst]

[twitching] Augh! Warn me before you do that!


[eyes start darting in different directions] Wow. Time with the family versus time shopping FOR the family. This is something to argue about? There are cultures where giving objects is the only acceptable way to express familial affection. Spending much time with them being borderline criminal. There are cultures where giving objects to family is forbidden, and NOT spending time with them is borderline criminal.

Family and business are two such differing types of organizations that there will never be a peace between them. Either of them would take all your time if you let them, and neither of them will be perfectly understanding about the needs of the other. It's an outlook problem.

You know those people all over the news declaring that Ferguson's Michael Brown's death was something the police officer should be indicted for? Remember all those people declaring the officer had to shoot Brown? They're on opposite sides of an outlook issue.

Fact is, none of those people had access to all the facts before they made up their minds. None of them had access to the investigation, the files, the original evidence, the witnesses . . .

Yet they had an uninformed opinion. Everyone would rather believe they know what happened, but the fact is most of life IS UNKNOWNS. Very little of life is known. Humankind hasn't explored the oceans yet. You Humankind hasn't gotten further than the moon and only recently touched a comet with a 'droid. Doctors still practice medicine. Psychology is still psychology, not psychonomy. The average person isn't smart enough to build a computer or a microwave or live in the wild for a week or sail across the Atlantic solo--VERY LITTLE DO MOST PEOPLE SEEM TO KNOW.

Speaking for myself? I really HOPE that the officer is guilty of something, even if he acted correctly, because he's getting punished without an indictment. He may have to move. He may have to move friends and family. He might never make lieutenant--might need to pick another career. It wouldn't be all that unusual for his life to be ruined unjustly. That happens all the time. This world is a very unfair place.

What do you think is the most unfair thing you've heard of happening?

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