Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Predictably, Panda Pundit Positively Preposterous

[violently shaking tentacles, rapid gill movements]

Hairy? Do you need medbot?

[shaking continues, gill movements regularize] N-no, Shelob!

You appear to be in distress.

[shaking becomes worse] I'm LAUGHING, Shelob!

Noted. Neuralink content?

[shaking subsides] Ahhh. Herr D sent me this picture I requested. He made a panda into a pundit. He calls it a 'pandit.'

"Pandit" by Herr D, made on
The color scheme of imaginary animal is in negative.

That's what's so FUNNY. Pundits get EVERYTHING BACKWARDS.

[disconnects neuralink] Apologies to viewers. Prediction software expected suitable blog entry. [disconnect blog function]

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