Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting Day, Not Back To The Brush

[awful waterlogged kazoo replica sound] I'm BACK! That 150th episode of the blog on Halloween was a major milestone, in that I got back some memory. Rod always said I should record parties, but I never did.

Protocol reminder.

Rod --uh, Smith! [awful waterlogged kazoo replica sound] Rod Smith.

Anyhow, it's time to celebrate VOTING. [awful waterlogged kazoo replica sound, undulation of red and blue tentacles and white plastic streamers]

You cannot.

True. True! Us illegal aliens CANNOT vote. We do NOT have that right, and therefore I am celebrating the AMERICAN right to vote. [awful waterlogged kazoo replica sound]

Safe to announce this information?

Of course it is!

Herr D's best recreation of the Hairbrush Nebula
--home sweet home. --Hairy Deewon      (hm3)     

Let 'em TRY to deport me! Contacting my appropriate authority would take them over [eyes glaze over] -- way too long.

Longer than any of your deportable cells still in stasis, based on their current level of technology.

[snaps back to present] Yeah.

Current information suggests dissection more probable.

[shuddering of blue and yellow tentacles] Eeewww. Yeah, like I need to donate my body to science fiction and conspiracy theory-laden tabloids.

I'm gonna go watch the polls and pray that American government and free elections aren't the best inventions you guys come up with. So far, it's tops.

What do any of my readers think are the top three inventions of the world?

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