Wednesday, March 25, 2015

No Bull's Eyes, Just Bullies And Their Bull

Okay, I give up. [raises eleven tentacles upwards] Is America doing the Radio Free thing again? It needs to start. Some of you are aware that ISIL has 'targeted' members of the American military. They screwed up less information than the average pundit, but their inaccuracies could still be successful ammunition for fighting the messed-up way they've been telling people to think.

[multi-tasking resumes] I will not be pointing those out specifically, because the correct information is none of my business anyway. Targeting families, risking families makes enemies and reeks of desperation and incompetence. ISIL members obviously want to die or they wouldn't deliberately make so many enemies. (Especially in such an incompetent manner.)

America's got a much bigger problem. With the Secret Service going through so many scandals, and our government demanding more transparency, won't the Secret Service have too big a job once ISIL targets every public official that speaks or votes against them? Maybe when somebody gets impeached or horribly underdeservedly scandalized in politics from now on, we could credit them with an anti-ISIL speech and withdraw Secret Service protection and / or private bodyguards for a day? True leaders should always have more to lose and be more concerned about acting legally and for the good than the average citizen, especially veterans and active military.

And ISIL obviously doesn't care about their accuracy--just the death part. [disconnect]

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