Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stephen King Is Rusty

-n so I can blog this.


Thank you, Shelob. So, some of you have probably heard about Stephen King demanding an apology from the governor of Maine. I just listened and looked at the original statement and noticed something odd.

The gov doesn't accuse King of not paying taxes. The gov accused King of moving away to a state where he WOULD pay less in state taxes. That doesn't sound like the same thing. That sounds like the gov incorrectly assumed King moved because of business acumen outweighing sentimentality.

King's responses seemed so confused, only backhandedly confirming that he still lives in Maine at least enough to owe state income tax. It made me wonder what happened to King. Then Shelob ran a search for me. King wrote a trillion words--

Inaccurate. The actual num--

I DON'T CARE! Shelob, I'm making a point.

Emotional, not actual numbers.

Right. You still might get a few numbers wrong after that last round of reprogramming anyway.

Likely. Your point?

What? Oh . . . oh, yeah! My point is that King might be a little oversensitive about the money he's paying the state. It IS a lot. But he doesn't need an apology. He needs to take a breather from all that writing and read a little slower.  He messed up there. If the gov messes up and doesn't report his address correctly, he might be safe to write the truth about ISIL, right? [disconnect]

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