Thursday, April 2, 2015

Discrimination Against Breathing Organism Demonstrates Possibility Of Hate Crime

[with gills clamped shut and tentacles fluttering, Hairy tightens bolts with wrench equivalent] There. Shelob? Why was this apparatus loose? And what is this nonsense about laws needing to be passed to protect something that's already protected? I don't understand.

The pundit on the newsfeed clearly stated the examples of a Jewish wedding singer being required to sing a Christian hymn and a hospital run by nuns having to perform abortions.

Well--I guess they COULD be legally required to point out that other business people are willing to do those things and shell out an appropriate portion of money already paid to them to acquire those services. Like that lovely woman Candy who explained to me that she won't mate in salt water wearing a blindfold. She did say she might find someone else to do that.

The services she spoke of were illegal, therefore unregulated.

Why? She could've swum in international waters. And with the blindfold she wouldn't have needed her memory blanked. [waggles smallest blue tentacle suggestively] How else am I supposed to learn more about the mating rituals here? I'm thinking that the porn is unrealistic . . .

Wait a minute. Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough to demand inferior, unwilling service and try to involve the government when there are plenty of willing businesses STARVING for the work? What would be the point of such ridiculous behavior?



[sixteen seconds pass] Evidence suggests the existence of abusive people who intend to enact inappropriate control over others. A prurient emotional response from bullying others does provide motivation for such behavior.

That's like the religious form of a rape. It's a hate crime. Again--doesn't the law already cover that? Why would the American legal system allow someone to be rewarded by directly causing problems for others?

Uncertain. Do you have the new batteries finished?

Oh, yeah. Sorry, I fell asleep between the second and third battery. The second one's installed. I'm gonna finish my nap and then get back to it, okay? [practiced eye movement related to autohypnosis causes nearly instant sleep]

[Shelob loosens oxygenation apparatus with wrench equivalent, checks time, notes new likely time Hairy will waken to install Shelob's new port batteries] This subject bloggable. [record, upload, disconnect]

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