Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hairy's Delirium Results In First New Blog Attempt

[uplink completes] Shelob! Don't think these Leyden jars are gonna hold their charge long, even with the sand-friction unit we designed. But it's high time I submitted a betatest blog.

So, a lot of people were very upset in Baltimore. One mother came out and smacked her son into stopping causing the trouble. ISN'T IT A SHAME THAT THERE IS NO WAY TO BEAM EVERY ACT OF VIOLENCE SOMEONE DOES TO THEIR MOTHERS' TELEVISION?

I mean, short of adrenal-activated microtransmitters implanted in the brain stem at birth, you know--no one wants to go through that again. The legal ramifications--[signal interrupt] Hairy is pretending to remember something that obviously did not happen in your continuum. Please ignore that last statement and continue believing in the linear passage of time. [signal resumes]

--on that bow-tied twit! I mean, what would Hillary Clinton have to do to lose the Democratic vote? Get caught with an underage female goat with immigration issues?

I am curious to see how all three of those things turn out, but medbot keeps me on a short leash. No deliberate hopping about for me. Just the occasional strobe. What's your prediction about the K-cups?

[uplink cut]

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