Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hug A Genius, Publish Your Worthy Friends, Just Keep Swimming

I just checked in with Herr D since it's been a while, and I caught him having trouble with a poem. I told him 'it's good enough to publish.' He didn't believe me, so I'm publishing it.

Here she blows!

Current Thoughts by Herr D

A house-sized funnel catching the world’s rain
Whirls my sensory pool ‘round over the spout thin as hair.
That tendril thrums and shoulda broke by NOW.
Base instincts to finished objet and
full-length novels swimming upstream
Fight that torrent through the data pool for the chance to fly away free!
Free from my over-crowded ocean teeming, ROILING with more and more and m-

My trauma-tired tendril hangs in, waiting to be broken.
I know that it can’t go on long, but I can’t stop
Ahabing—driving my white whales out
--surfing on my dolphin’s backs cuz I wanna fly too.
But weighted down on sandy bottom I drown more
each time the spout kicks one back.

How can this storm go on?

For any of you who don't know, Herr D has an unnamed learning disability that affects his memory and his ability to communicate at speed. His genius being stuck inwards, therefore, is rather frustrating to him.

I'm calling it. We need another 'Hug A Genius Day.'

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