Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lethal Injection Drugs Have Another Likely Candidate For Manufacture

[paroxysm, three of five eyes bug out] Wow. Shelob!


I found that movement you mentioned against capital punishment.


So now that doctors and nurses who help with executions have for decades kept on getting roped into helping though they say they'd rather not, pharmaceutical companies are now getting in on the protest. 'Not being in the business of killing' is a fairly sound argument.


Well, that's a lot more practical as a way to stop it, huh?


What are the protesters going to do when the other businesses pick up the slack?

Apparently, the idea is that eventually no one will produce the drugs for lethal injection.

[Hairy shifts through newsfeeds for a moment] So, the companies who make pesticides and herbicides will make them then? I mean, they ARE in the business of killing, right?

. . . right?

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