Saturday, May 30, 2015

99.7999 %

Hairy has developed a hypothermic invigoration, similar to a human fever in effect. Medbot has interrupted transmissions, temporarily, but this may not interfere with his current blogging schedule. He is expected to fully recover within ten days. His last cogent request was for me to blog only once upon the unpleasantness of health-required recuperation.

Lowering one's activity level forcibly during healing strongly resembles the mental 'pressure' that would be 'felt' by a fully-charged robot being asked to maintain a sentry position. With software continuing to run at regular speeds, the tendency is to plan for events that will not happen in specific ways that are less likely and therefore, not very efficient or productive.

In human brains, this is known as worry.

Soon, his addiction to news and interest in the human race will cause him to cease seeking out giant squid to stare at. At that time he will resume blogging. Probability 99.7999 %.


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