Thursday, March 17, 2016

Boot Out Congress ASAP, Garland Or No Garland--America Deserves Better

[recorded segment begins during Hairy's neuralinking of yesterday's news articles]

So, what's this about Obama 'politicizing' his nomination of Garland?

The thinking is that their refusal to consider a nominee until the next president's election will harm them.
No, that doesn't make sense to me.

In other words, by continuing to refuse to cooperate, certain senators would 'look bad,' and their political career would suffer.
You mean to say, the fact that they aren't doing this small part of their ONE job, THEIR job, as Sen. Warren put it, when so many Americans have to work two jobs to make it? You mean to say that defunding unemployment and social service programs and grants out of spite by not doing their job so tens of thousands were hungrier wasn't enough? Do you mean that seven years of petty, spiteful action and deliberate, counter-productive inaction would be made more noticeable by this ONE THING?!

Those are prerequisites to believing in the accusation, yes.
Does anyone WANT to see any of Congress  re-elected? Besides maybe Sen. Warren and a handful of others? Why would anyone think that fighting a president this way would be a good thing?

Because of the events of 1979 in Iran. When Carter successfully improved treatment of the hostages by threatening the oil-producing nations. The gas prices went up, but treatment of the hostages improved out of their fear. Carter successfully got them to agree to release the hostages, but since they knew his term would be up soon, the hostage keepers made sure they reached America right after Reagan was elected. Many people still believe Iran was afraid of Reagan. Citizens of Iran successfully helped to ruin a good man's political career and helped to shape American politics.
[choking noises] No wonder Trump is getting votes. Everyone please support education. Your nation needs a lot of it. [slams lair door on exiting to swim]

[recorded segment ends]

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