Friday, March 11, 2016

'Way To Go' Warren Smacks Congress saying DO YOUR JOB

[recorded segment begins with unusual activity--Hairy watching a recent speech by Warren via neuralink]

[cheering, undulating, vague imitation of eleven-tentacled knockout blow against eleven different opponents] YEAH!

You appear energized without medical cause.

I'm gonna call her "Way To Go" Warren for a while. YES.

You speak of footage. [access achieved]

"DO YOUR JOB!" [near-hysterical laughter] Man! Only a few trips around the sun too late, but it needed to be said.

This is subject matter you declared relevant to Herr D.

Well, yeah! Herr D's case probably wasn't purely typical, but it stands to reason there would be a lot of people who suffered like him.

Unaware of personal relevance for Herr D.

What? You weren't snooping on that? Herr D lost his job. He was the last man standing in his department at work. He was a good employee for seven years. It took three people to stand in for him when he was out sick. There was an official reason to let him go, but no one believes that it was the real reason. Virginia declared him worthy of receiving unemployment. So he went to claim it, and along the way, Congress ran out on their jobs, defunding his unemployment like they kept claiming they'd do to Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

Herr D did not have presidential resources to prevent such defunding.

He had to take a job that paid less than his unemployment to keep money coming in.

This would appear to be the most reasonable source of Herr D's disgust for Congress.

Yeah, why don't you blog on this? I'm gonna go email him--he's probably too exhausted to read it NOW what with his current job, but he'll get to it.

Suggestion approved. [recorded segment ends]

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