Friday, March 4, 2016

Sub-Prime Primary, Debates Need Rebates

[accidental activation of blog function] --n his mind. [rippleless swimming, aimless plankton consumption] Herr D really is in a foul mood, isn't he?

Emotional valence unusually dark. Apparently a resurgence of strong negative emotions.

I never promised him people would actually LISTEN to me and make things better. Advice is just advice. If people aren't worthy of improving their lives, well, then they won't follow any of it.

You deem humanity worthy.

Well, they have been occasionally. Language development, the wheel, Rennaisance men, windmills, bread and butter pickles . . .

The political activity does seem to have exacerbated his negativity. Perhaps a candidate will lighten his mood?

No. I've seen the candidates. They're not scraping the top of the barrel--

Bottom of the barrel.

--Right. Well, they're not. Not quite. I asked him to pose a question to the heromachine community, but I don't think he will:  What would Super Tuesday look like? He just typed back that he couldn't decide whether it was a hero or a villain. Yeesh. I DO think he could--[accidental disconnect]

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