Friday, April 1, 2016

Brain Freeze Wrong Idea, "Let It Gro-ooow, Let It Groo--oow, Let Your Brain Function-nn Mo-oore!"

[blog function accidentally activated during discussion]

-on that one.  What, you mean people really are surprised about that?

Recordings and transmissions do demonstrate shock and surprise.

Well, I didn't know specifically, but it's part of his modus operandi.

You are describing the Republican frontrunner using criminal psychology.

[translatable as nod] I hope that MOST people think what he's doing is wrong.

And yet his supporters remain adamant. You predicted this approximately a year ago. How did you reach this conclusion?

Simple understanding of humanity's bifurcation.

You are speaking of the execution method called 'drawing?'

NO! PSYCHOLOGICAL bifurcation.

The human brains' division into hemispheres.


Split personality?

NO! NO-OOO.  It's more like a-- [sudden stillness]
Like a--

You require an aphorism?

Oh, "Frozen." The king of rock. He said--

The king of the trolls?

Whatever! He said approximately that the "head can be easily fixed, but that the heart was a different matter."

Current medical theory seems to disagree.

It's a metaphor, Shelob. Imagine two robots for a moment. There's one that duplicates emotion and acts as the power source and major logic gate for the brain. Then there's one that controls many decisions and all fine motor stuff. The problem is that these two robots can't function without each other. They share a body.

 This is an understandable experience. [moves one of medbot's arms] You point out that they could conflict, or even ruin each others' progress.

Well, yeah. The key would be to learn to consider multiple perspectives, inputs, and various differing value systems simultaneously.

This sounds like a structural difference. Convolutions can be grown by human learning. You suggest changing things quantitatively as well as qualitatively.

Well, it obviously causes too many problems to do less than three. There's also an upper biological limit on how many 'bots' or brain-foci-neurological-function-clusters can be developed. Five just happens to be optimal for any brain partly based on carbon or silicon chemical structure.

Like your species tends to naturally.

Um, yeah.  [all five eyes blink rapidly for a moment]  Shelob, I'm tired. Turn the neuralink off--

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