Friday, April 29, 2016

Horror In The Polls

[recorded segment begins] So, if I understand this correctly, the American democracy depends on something approaching a popular vote to select from the . . . um . . .


yeah, thank you--that didn't sound negative. The CANDIDATES that happen to be running to winnow the choices. Then, whoever gets rejected less from that smaller number is elected by something approaching a popular vote by the average voter . . .

Mathematically correct.

. . . of  average intelligence . . .

Also mathematically correct.

. . . to be the functional lead in some aspects of the country and the figurehead in others and help control the other branches of the government. Is that right, Shelob?

Current data sources confirms your summation.

I'm going to go watch a scary, suspenseful, nauseatingly gory horror movie.  No sense wasting this feeling. [slams and locks 'bunk' hatch, boots up auto-play of recording of 'It Had Only Two Legs!' produced REDACTED, eSLWEHR] [recorded segment ends]

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