Saturday, September 17, 2016

Worry And Dream, Duty And Stream

[on seventh try, Shelob manages to establish neuralink dream protocol contact sequence] Hairy? Hairy? Please respond. Harvest moon rising. You made it a point to see that IRL before.

Oh, that's a pretty one. Nah. Once you've seen the permutations of three or four moons together, the possibilities of one kind of fade. Thank you though, for the notification.

Is it time to return? Is it healthy for you to remain in dream state and related fluctuations for this long?

No, don't worry about that. medbot can pull me out anytime my physicality needs it.

Are you intimately acting toward that Kali-figure again? medbot says you like the image for its capability to deal with your unusual physiognomy, while keeping you placated about neglecting your sworn duties to humanity. You made her up for--
[enraged gurgle, psychically disconnects feed from neuralink]

Apparently nothing has impaired his psychic abilities. Perhaps he will simply dream longer. The ruination humanity's primitive nature causes will be there when he wakes. Worry cycle unproductive. Recommend purging from programming. Blog function off--

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