Monday, October 31, 2016

Plan Time To Vote; Honor The Progression And The Possibility Of An Accidentally Successful President Rather Than A Known Failure

[forcible medbot-enabled neuralink retrieval to consciousness] Hairy? Your consciousness required momentarily. Recent web chatter shows much distress over election. medbot cleared you for low energy discussion. You can contribute to blog today. Suggestion for reassurance regarding outcome? Many are expressing various negative emotions beyond your calculated destructiveness quotient.

[gill stretches, squints for a moment] Truth table?

A truth table for this election.


Unsure of reasoning. Stating results approximately produces two sentences.

[snicker] You need a . . . prospective perspective dynamic. Uh . . . subroutine library of reversal protocols.

By suggestion, calculate valences and project election results by surrounding people, rather than individuals.

Yeah, that's it.

If Trump were elected, other people in all elected positions, Democrat and Republican, would prevent any positive action, resulting in stagnation of current positive economic trends.

That seems right. Go on.

If Hillary were elected, many would prevent her specific plans, but allow to continue any action she takes that seems to simply extend the plans of Obama. Valence specific: they are used to his plans going forward.

An important distinction. You've got this. [goes slack, loses consciousness]

In all variants, Hillary is statistically likely to be less of a candidate than her intended image. She is also statistically likely to be better than the conspiracy theorists project. In the worst possible case, she would accidentally be a successful president because of the Obama progression and personal enmity of others as described above. 

The only way things can go badly is if people do not vote. [disconnect]

Friday, October 21, 2016

Herr D Helps Us Samoa

medbot formally advised leaving Hairy alone for at least another moon phase. Therefore, as blogging is supposed to continue, initiative protocols require a guest blogger.

YYou're serious about that? Well, I can suggest a recipe. I've had to cook for the family a few times. Being creative is the only way to hold my attention on some tasks. The one that comes to mind is Chicken Samoa. You'll want a fancy title block or something. Then the history: Samoa I read somewhere is a volcanic island on a trade route in the South Pacific, so the only stuff that grows well there is wild onions and wild carrots. They supposedly take dried leaves used in packing material  and rehydrate them to get nutrition. Chickens practically infest the place.

Then talk about the process. Saute spinach and onions and chunk pineapple in butter and pineapple juice. Mound that over nearly-done chicken in the same skillet and pan-fry it for flavor transfer. I recommend that the chicken be only flavored with salt, basil, rosemary, and a little bit of oregano. If you don't talk any numbers at all, no one will mind too much if you just say 'season to taste.' There are lots of recipe blogs. You might check out how they present it.

 I also tend to complete the meal with a side of carrots cut on a long bias sauteed in butter and lots of cinnamon. That way, the trade route, the chicken infestation, the packing material harvesting, and the root-only farming is expressed. I've no idea whether all that is really true. Good luck, Shelob.

Thank you. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tentacle-Wrap Some Rest, Some Briny Plankton

[auto-resumption following cold boot] Hairy has not awakened. [rapid-fire medbot communication] Stasis continues. Communication attempt to follow.
[dreamstate protocol resumption immediately finds Hairy in pensive and restless subconscious tier of awareness] You are thinking.

Yeah, I was just remembering that old--old GUY that gave me a ride. He, uh, hopefully is hibern--getting in a lot of naps. Best thing to do during weather like this, right?

[overdue newsfeeds neuralinked, rapid-fire]

That's EXACTLY why I'm not interested. Same old dry, non-salinated nonsense. Crazy people trying to get in charge. Stupid people trying to help them. Weather erupting, and people not adapting and not learning and not helping each other and some dying for it while the rest suffer. All I want is to sleep, auto-feed some tasty plankton brine, flex my boneless limbs, and ride out the weather till it finishes turning cold and calm with a few stimulating dreams. Why don't you 'translate' that into a well-wish for all my viewers? That'd make a good blog entry! [disconnects]

Hairy hopes you all can spend some quality time, getting quality rest, while drinking hot chocolate and sipping hot chicken broth, or whatever you prefer. He is sleeping relatively peacefully, even his worry cycle wound down, and hopes your own mental state is as productive and serene. Good luck to all those caught in the storms. [disconnect]

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Speedier Economic Recovery Requires Bidirectional Insight, Not Very Human, Says Hairy

[secondary encrypted layer discovered to sleeping Hairy's neuralink feed] Hairy? Why did American economists not think of the multiplier solution you mentioned in 'Economic Model?'
Uh . . . well, Americans thought of it. They just didn't get many American businesses to try it. Most businesses aren't looking to prove how well they run to the employee base. Especially if it means paying them more.
Verifying. [neuralink burst]
If your research is correct, Americans thought of it long enough ago that they offered the knowledge to the Japanese during post-WWII reconstruction. Did you decrypt Japanese well enough to read it and discover whether they use it?
Most of the language is still contextually misunderstandable. Following the money, however, leads to--[neuralink burst]
So, the Japanese businesses became so competitive with American businesses because of an American idea that they took seriously when American businesses wouldn't? . . . yikes.
It is strange that Americans blamed the Japanese for their success when the Japanese were merely willing to use American ideas and ideals.
Yeah, well. Most of the time it goes back to the bone problem.
You are again blaming their thinking style on their anatomical differences.
Well, it's TRUE! Humans keep pointing at other humans. Human bones only point in ONE direction at a time. A tentacle is much more sensible. It points both ways during most functional motions. It's not 'neurolinguistics,' it's BIOLINGUISTICS. People look at their bony arms pointing away from themselves and are more likely to believe that they shouldn't point at themselves, too! Blame is not monodirectional! I'm going back to that dream! A LOT more fun than THIS! [disconnect]
Hairy? . . . Hairy? [resumes neuro-frequency scan]