Friday, October 21, 2016

Herr D Helps Us Samoa

medbot formally advised leaving Hairy alone for at least another moon phase. Therefore, as blogging is supposed to continue, initiative protocols require a guest blogger.

YYou're serious about that? Well, I can suggest a recipe. I've had to cook for the family a few times. Being creative is the only way to hold my attention on some tasks. The one that comes to mind is Chicken Samoa. You'll want a fancy title block or something. Then the history: Samoa I read somewhere is a volcanic island on a trade route in the South Pacific, so the only stuff that grows well there is wild onions and wild carrots. They supposedly take dried leaves used in packing material  and rehydrate them to get nutrition. Chickens practically infest the place.

Then talk about the process. Saute spinach and onions and chunk pineapple in butter and pineapple juice. Mound that over nearly-done chicken in the same skillet and pan-fry it for flavor transfer. I recommend that the chicken be only flavored with salt, basil, rosemary, and a little bit of oregano. If you don't talk any numbers at all, no one will mind too much if you just say 'season to taste.' There are lots of recipe blogs. You might check out how they present it.

 I also tend to complete the meal with a side of carrots cut on a long bias sauteed in butter and lots of cinnamon. That way, the trade route, the chicken infestation, the packing material harvesting, and the root-only farming is expressed. I've no idea whether all that is really true. Good luck, Shelob.

Thank you. 

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