Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tentacle-Wrap Some Rest, Some Briny Plankton

[auto-resumption following cold boot] Hairy has not awakened. [rapid-fire medbot communication] Stasis continues. Communication attempt to follow.
[dreamstate protocol resumption immediately finds Hairy in pensive and restless subconscious tier of awareness] You are thinking.

Yeah, I was just remembering that old--old GUY that gave me a ride. He, uh, hopefully is hibern--getting in a lot of naps. Best thing to do during weather like this, right?

[overdue newsfeeds neuralinked, rapid-fire]

That's EXACTLY why I'm not interested. Same old dry, non-salinated nonsense. Crazy people trying to get in charge. Stupid people trying to help them. Weather erupting, and people not adapting and not learning and not helping each other and some dying for it while the rest suffer. All I want is to sleep, auto-feed some tasty plankton brine, flex my boneless limbs, and ride out the weather till it finishes turning cold and calm with a few stimulating dreams. Why don't you 'translate' that into a well-wish for all my viewers? That'd make a good blog entry! [disconnects]

Hairy hopes you all can spend some quality time, getting quality rest, while drinking hot chocolate and sipping hot chicken broth, or whatever you prefer. He is sleeping relatively peacefully, even his worry cycle wound down, and hopes your own mental state is as productive and serene. Good luck to all those caught in the storms. [disconnect]

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