Sunday, May 14, 2017

Return To The Deep

[opens lair door to admit Hairy wearing somewhat damaged suitbot #1] What took you so long? Herr D was worried.

I had to walk until I found a suitable boat. The colder, wetter weather made that a little easier. Then I had to sneak on. Then I had to wait till I wouldn't be seen jumping overboard. From there it was a long, slow swim. Is the water warmer?

That was still an awfully long time. Did you orienteer with South at the top again?
Wow. Yeah. I did. But I'm home now. I'm gonna catch up. What's new? [reaches for neuralink]

Herr D said the world needs more antipsychotic meds than ever.

That . . . sounds bad. [adjusts posture for long stillness, puts plankton feeder tube into mouth]

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