Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Shelob Leaks A Presidential Pattern Prediction Involving Russia

[upload recorded segment, begins during waking Hairy as he is dozing with four eyes, weaving with fifth eye and three tentacles] I have a prediction involving one of your predictions. Is it possible to discuss simultaneity and probability?

[one green eye widens slightly, pupil dilating strongly] I'm -- not going to comment yet. What have you got?

It concerns your comparison of presidents between Trump and Carter.

I did go on record as saying some of Trump's presidency would likely be like an inverse Carter sort of thing.

Your terminology is unclear. Please re-explain.

I meant he could very easily unite Congress against him. Tie up everything. Instead of being thought of as too idealistic and unyielding to do politics as usual, Trump would become too hated, too controversial, too abrasive, and possibly even too lowbrow and profane, or at least offensive.

That's largely happened in some ways. Then he went and partially reversed himself on a few things, like most politicians do, and some of it got a little better.

Noted. I followed your notes on prognostication by algorithm.
Really? I didn't think I'd quantified the variables clearly enough. What's your sequence?

Two theoretical historians concur that if a certain president had not been impeached, China would have turned out to be a much greater ally, perhaps even moved much more toward representative government and honoring human rights.

That's an interesting set of 'what-if's.' We haven't encountered that in continuum research, have we?

No. Less than 1.729% likely in this continuum. But possible.

Okay, go on.

Then the famous saying, "Only Nixon could go to China."

Yeah. That one's so famous it got into Star Trek somewhere. WAIT! You don't mean--

Perhaps only a businessman, marketer, man without presidential reputation could make significant strides toward peace in the Middle East.


Simultaneously to selecting counsel over the Russia investigations, Trump has acted in a very diplomatic manner, raising the likelihood of peace in the Middle East for longer than six years from 0.00036% to approximately 0.00074% with one speech. Properly timed to match Nixon, he could raise that to 12.5% before impeachment and ruination of his efforts.

[tentacles jitter] Check the math on that, Shelob. You're scaring me! I DID say I hope his greatest accomplishment doesn't turn out to be saving money on the salaries of people he didn't hire, but THIS--don't blog about this, okay?!

Okay. [end recording]

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